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Protecting You From The Elements


About us, how we got started.

We started our business in Charleston SC. years ago in Commercial HVACR. While working on AC units the sun and elements bearing down on you would get unbearable and all you can think about is finding some shade in order to get cooled off. So, we would tie beach umbrellas to a unit with rope and anything we could find but it was a hassle and most of the time unsuccessful. So one day we decided to design something to hold the umbrellas to the units with no hassle and that is where we came up with the Gripper and ES Service Solutions. We still have our own HVACR service companies in SC, one in Charleston,   and one in Gaffney. These companies gave us the ability to extensively put The Gripper to use out in the field and we truly found it a lifesaver from the harmful UV Rays of the Sun and heavy downpours of South Carolina's Low country. we use the gripper almost every day ourselves so they have been thoroughly tested and tried in the field. It has been well worth the time we put into the Gripper to design it. You will not find a better HVAC umbrella holder for a technician than the Gripper w/ the stabilizer.

The grippers are manufactured right here in SC under ES Service Solutions. We have a background in metal fabrication, where we built and designed commercial exercise equipment for over 20 years.



To be able to share our invention with others around the world. And to get our product out there so all service technicians and all who have to work out in the Elements will have the ability to easily and securely attach an umbrella to ferrous materials for protection from the strong uva rays of the sun and elements.

Our promise to you
We will provide you with professional service, integrity, and a great product.
We are always open for any comments, questions, or ideas you may have.
We guarantee The Gripper to be free from any defects in workmanship.
The Gripper has a lifetime warranty on framework to the original buyer. 
We will operate our business on Christian values.
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