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The Stabilizer for the 400 lb pull Gripper

The Stabilizer for the 400 lb pull Gripper


The Stabilizer has a powder coat finish and one 200 lb pull neodyium magnet Giving the 400 lb pull Gripper a total of 600 lbs of pull when added. 


That pull is alo going to depend on the thickness of metal it is attached to. The Stabilizer was developed to add suport from side to side for the Gripper. This has solved most of the issues of the Gripper wanting to tilt due to high winds and wind gust.  The Stabilizer can be atached to either right or left side when using the top mount position and can be moved up or down at close to a 45 degree angle. When using the side mount it will have to go on the right side of the unit. 

We strive to make the Gripper as solid as we can but in certain conditions and how the Gripper is being used there is always that chance it could still fail. So we encourage everyone to always use caution on high windy days.

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